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Preventing Texas Winter Power Outages with Battery Backup

In Texas, where winter (and summer) power outages are becoming increasingly common, many Longhorn customers are installing battery storage to protect their home from weather-related grid events. Installing a battery backup system with a solar power system allows homes and businesses to store excess clean energy generated during the day for use at night or during a power outage.  Texans had a wakeup call about the unreliability of our electricity grid during the winter of 2021, when power outages across the state were responsible for hundreds of deaths. It became clear that the state’s standalone electricity grid needed major upgrades.  While [...]

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A Guide to Going Solar in Austin

Food, music, sustainability — Austin, Texas is the perfect place for solar. That's why we've put together a guide on going solar for Austinites just like you. Read along and we'll walk through the process of putting solar panels on your home or business. Step 1. Determine if your home or business is right for solar. There are a few indicators that can help you decide if your property is right for solar. Does your home or business have a lot of exposed sun and is the roof in good condition? Is it relatively free from roof obstructions or trees? Does [...]

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Powering Your Home with a Tesla Powerwall

Texans have endured their fair share of power outages over the last few years and have experienced unprecedented blackouts, leading many of us to experience a phenomenon that’s becoming ever more common as our climate changes: energy insecurity. Energy insecurity isn’t just the feeling of not being sure if your power will be there when you need it. It’s also the economic risk of relying on grid power. How many times this summer did you turn up your thermostat, instead of down – as your body may have wanted – to avoid an astronomical bill?  Many customers ask us about the [...]

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Comparing Batteries and Generators: What You Need to Know

With grid outages increasing and the constant drumbeat from lawmakers, news outlets, and policymakers about how unstable our grid is, you might be wondering, should I add a battery or generator to my solar system? The answer as in most situations is “It Depends.” The two main things to consider are what problem are you trying to solve and your budget. Batteries have many advantages over generators such as: Batteries such as the Tesla Powerwall typically can last 8-12 hours providing power during an outage without the need to go get fuel. Batteries are quiet. A generator can emit 50 to [...]

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Top 10 Tips for Lowering Home Energy Costs in Texas

Making the decision to install a solar system on your home is one of the best ways to reduce your overall energy costs in Texas. But with the summer we had, even with a solar system your utility bill may be higher than you expected. What can you do to maximize your savings and lower your energy costs even further? You don’t have to live in the dark. Here are our top 10 tips for optimizing your savings on energy: 1. Monitor Your Energy Usage. As the saying goes, you can’t manage what you don’t measure. Tracking your electricity consumption with [...]

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Are You Ready for the Next Texas Grid Failure?

As the summer months continue, residents and businesses in Texas brace themselves for the possibility of yet another energy crisis.  The Texas grid has a history of struggles during hot and cold seasons, leaving millions without power during critical moments.  This article delves into the challenges the grid faces, the recurring issues with reliability, and the ways in which solar energy plus backup battery storage emerges as a dependable alternative to safeguard against future failures. The Texas grid has faced several challenges over the years, leading to severe disruptions in power supply. The most notable and catastrophic event occurred in February [...]

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Don’t Pay the Price for Hot Summer Temps

As the summer temperatures ramp up, Texas residents start to see their energy bill climb rapidly as well. A common question we get in the summer is, “How does solar save money on an electric bill?”  To answer this question we need to start with the basics and explain how a solar system works.   From Sunlight To Power First, the sun has to hit the solar panels. Next, the panels turn the sun into Direct Current (DC) electricity.  This electricity flows to an inverter which changes the electricity to Alternating Current (AC), which is what most things run on in your [...]

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Solar FAQ: How Much Solar Do I Need?

We get this question a lot, and there's no easy answer.  How much energy your home or business consumes has to do with several factors, including: How many people live in your home and how often are they there? Do you have children living in the home (they're MASSIVE energy suckers). How comfortable to you like to keep your home?  Do you run the AC at 72 at night, or 75?  76 during the day or 82? Do you and/or your spouse work from home? How energy efficient is your home? How old is your HVAC system and what is the [...]

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Lower Your Energy Bill: A Guide to Switching from Traditional Energy to Solar

In our last blog post, we discussed the benefits of going solar and how it can help you save money and contribute to a cleaner environment. This month, we're diving deeper into the process of switching from traditional energy to solar power. We'll guide you through what you need to know before your energy contract renewal, the differences in rates, the potential savings, and the overall process. So, let's get started! Step 1: Research Your Options Before Energy Contract Renewal Before your energy contract is up for renewal, it's essential to explore all available options to ensure you make the best [...]

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Why Go Solar: The Financial Benefits of Solar Energy

Are you tired of paying high energy bills every month? Do you want to reduce your carbon footprint and help the environment? If so, it's time to consider going solar. Solar energy is a clean, renewable source of energy that can power your home or business with sunlight. But the benefits of solar energy go beyond environmental responsibility. By going solar, you can save money on your energy bills and enjoy a steady, lower rate per kilowatt-hour (kWh) of electricity. The Rising Cost of Energy Bills Energy bills have been on the rise for years, and the trend shows no signs [...]

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