Green Mortgages: Financing Solar for New Homes


Did you know solar panels can be included in a new home loan in Texas? Here’s how. New homes today are often built from the ground up to be more energy efficient, particularly those that are ENERGY-STAR certified. With the addition of solar on a new home, homeowners can eliminate their electric bill altogether while doing their part to reduce carbon emissions associated with conventional energy sources.  Builders who offer solar panels as an option on a new home are on the leading edge of a nationwide trend to build net-zero homes. Net zero homes are just like any other home—except [...]

Green Mortgages: Financing Solar for New Homes2024-03-26T21:48:29+00:00

VIDEO: Solar FAQs for Homebuilders in Texas


Homebuilders have a lot on their plate. Why should they add solar to the list? If you've been considering adding a solar option to your home designs, you may have questions. Meet Juan Facundo, manager of our homebuilders program at Longhorn Solar. Juan has years of experience in construction and solar and can answer any question you have. In this educational video, he answers three of the top questions for homebuilders in Texas: Why should builders include solar in their new homes in Texas? What is the solar installation process like for homebuilders? Why choose Longhorn as your solar partner? [...]

VIDEO: Solar FAQs for Homebuilders in Texas2024-03-06T19:38:44+00:00
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