How Does Investing in Solar Energy Benefit the Environment?


When you choose to power your home with solar energy, you’re not just choosing lower electric bills, a localized energy system that offers grid independence, or a tax break. You’re also choosing a clean power source that will last for 25+ years, is powered by 100% renewable energy sources, and produces no emissions that will harm the environment. It’s not just the wisest choice for your wallet—it’s also the right choice to make so we leave the world we live in better for the next generation.

Climate change is an ugly truth, and it’s up to each of us to fight back and do what we can to choose cleaner, greener energy sources.

Investing in solar energy is just one way to choose renewable energy sources and do good for the environment. Here’s how:

Stabilizes Your Electric Bill

With zero-down 2.99% loans, a financed solar system in most cases has payments less than what you are currently paying your utility.  Solar costs have come down by over 70% in the last 10 years and that has made it competitive with most utilities.  A financed system is a fixed cost.  By getting a solar system, you are locking in your electricity costs for the length of your loan. That is something that your current utility cannot promise you.

Reduces Air Pollution

Standard methods of electricity production account for more than 30% of the United States’ greenhouse gas production. This is a sobering statistic and part of why we’re so passionate about bringing solar to every rooftop in Texas. Solar energy is clean, 100% renewable, and doesn’t spew toxic chemicals and gases into the air every second it’s running. With a solar energy system, you can cut your personal contribution to the world’s air pollution caused by your electricity production to 0%.

Reduces Water Pollution

Water pollution might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of solar energy, but it’s actually one of the major sources of pollution from coal-fired power plants. All those thermoelectric plants that run on coal, oil, and natural gas require tons of water for cooling purposes—and that water is released, full of toxins, back out into the world. Solar, on the other hand, poses nearly no risk to local water resources and the environment.

Reduces Resource Strain

As the global population grows, the Earth’s supply of oil, coal, and other fossil fuels will continue to dwindle. It is important to find and adapt to sources of renewable power like solar now, before our resources run out. Fun fact: The sun is actually the world’s best source of energy, as it produces 173,000 terawatts of solar energy every second—far more than we could ever produce with any fossil fuel.

Sets a Good Example

Solar energy and other renewable energy sources represent the future of our planet and life on earth as we know it, if we want to survive. By being the first person on your street to install solar, you’re setting an example for your neighbors and leading the way into the future. We see this all the time—after installing the first system in a neighborhood, we’re often back within a few months to do several of the homes next door, too.

If you’re ready to go solar, don’t wait! It is easier than ever to start saving with solar. We’ve already streamlined the process in order to minimize the time between signing with us and installation. Our team of experts will walk you through the process without ANY high-pressure sales tactics so that you know what to expect. You’ll be saving money and saving the environment in no time. Contact us today to get started.