LG Resu Solar Battery Backup

LG Resu Backup BatteryServing Austin, San Antonio, Houston, Dallas / Fort Worth TX

The RESU10h and 16h backup batteries by LG are powerful backup batteries to help power your home during outages and reduce the amount of energy used during peak hours, helping you to realize energy independence with eco-friendly solar energy.

Prepared for Anything

Whether it’s for your home or business, LG offers two powerful solutions to support your power needs.

  • LG RESU10h provides up to 9.6Wh (5kWh) of power. These small, low-profile units mount just about anywhere and can be combined with up to two more units via the RESU Plus Expansion kit to buy you even more time during an outage. Scale your power as your power needs grow.
  • LG RESU16h has the world’s largest capacity (16Wh, 7kWh) to back up critical loads and power your home during a blackout

Sleek and Powerful



LG RESU 10h & 16h PRIME

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