Ten reasons to refer your friends and family to Longhorn Solar

There are many reasons to refer members of your community to Longhorn Solar, but we want to share a few of our customers’ favorites. Keep scrolling to discover why they ditched the grid for a better renewable energy solution. Some of their reasons might even surprise you!


1. We’re the #1 solar installer in Texas

For five years, we’ve been listed on SolarReviews.com as the #1 solar panel installer in Texas. We are proud to be the best at what we do, and our other industry awards reflect that. That’s certainly nothing to bat an eye at.


2. $750 in your wallet

Anyone, yes, anyone can get $750 for referring a customer who installs a new solar system on their home. You don’t need to be a current customer to start benefitting today!


3. You can finally buy that eco-friendly car you’ve had your eye on

You know the one – sleek, seamless interiors, and it might even be able to drive itself! You’re ready to take all areas of your life off the grid by harnessing renewable energy. With $750 more in your pocket, you’re nearly $1,000 closer to getting your dream vehicle.


4. You’re a renter who wants to pay less for electricity

Show your landlord this solar savings calculator that could help increase both your and their overall cost savings on energy while utilizing an earth-friendly resource while doing it.


5. You get to be the talk of your neighborhood

Often, the first person on the block to get solar has a powerful impact on their neighbors. Once you share the benefits of solar energy with them, many will want to follow your lead. Your neighbors and HOA will know you as the model for environmental stewardship.


6. You can make an impact on your family

We’ve all been there — sometimes our nearest and dearest can be quite reluctant to change. All they know is non-renewable energy sources, so why would they change now? Your family has had a huge impact on you, so now it’s time to have just as big of an impact on them. Show your dad and your cousin how much they can save with the Solar ROI Calculator. They’ll be glad you did.


7. You can rest assured with our many five-star reviews

We try not to brag too much, but Google reviews are without a doubt the go-to source for discovering how people REALLY feel about a company. Well, our HUNDREDS of five-star reviews say it all!


8. Your friends will want to know our outstanding customer service

We pride ourselves on keeping our customers happy. We don’t just install your powerful new system and ghost you to figure out the rest. Our in-house technicians will walk you through our turn-key solar installation process, and if you ever need us after we’re done, you can call or text us anytime, and we will keep you worry-free for the lifetime of your solar panels.


9. Our 25 Year Warranty and 25 Year Performance Guarantee

You can be confident that your recommendation for the top solar panel installer in Texas will stand the test of time with our 25 Year Warranty and our 25 Year Performance Guarantee.


10. We’re information-first

We focus on delivering the right information for our customers from the start. Our no-pressure guarantee allows all our customers to be certain that they’ve gotten the best information before making their decision to switch to solar.


Share this link with your friends and family today to find out if solar can help them with cost and energy savings while you get another $750 referral bonus!