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Welcome to the Teravista Solar Page
First, we’d like to say, “Thank you!” to our existing Teravista solar customers.
Your solar systems have generated over 533,000 kWh of electricity so far.
That’s over $56,000 in total energy savings.
Your decision to invest in solar is making a difference for our planet too.
533,000 kWh of electricity is the equivalent of:
Greenhouse Emissions from:
miles driven
by an average
passenger car
CO2 Emissions from:
pounds of coal
burned for
Carbon Sequestered from:
acres of
U.S. forests
in one year
Lifetime Energy saved from:
bulbs switched
over to LEDs
Teravista in Round Rock selected as the third neighborhood in our Community First Program
Our Mission:
To serve the community by providing the best products at the best price,
installed (and backed) by the best team in Texas.
Warranty and Performance Guarantee
Industry-Leading Warranty and Performance Guarantee

What is Community First?


Our vision for the Community First Initiative is to build relationships with, and give back to, neighborhoods like yours.


At Longhorn Solar, we’re proud of our local roots.  We’re honoring those roots by selecting and servicing specific neighborhoods that our employees live in or have close ties to, affecting their communities in a positive way.  We’re willing to put in the work to earn the respect and trust of your community while doing simple things like supporting your local PTA, sponsoring youth sports teams…just giving back.


We love the idea of doing things the way local contractors did in small communities back in the ’70s and ’80s when word of mouth was everything.  That just feels right to us.


So why Teravista?


Teravista is home to 16 Longhorn Solar customers.  It’s a community that longtime Longhorn Solar employee, Bryan Kerr, has personally taken under his wing.  Teravista residents have placed a lot of trust in Bryan and Longhorn Solar over the years, and it’s out turn to give back to a community that has been so great to us in so many ways.  Teravista embodies the Community First spirit.  It’s very much a “family” community, and it’s home to residents who chose their forever home when they moved in.  We really like that.


We want to be Teravista’s preferred solar contractor.  Here’s our ask, and it’s a simple one:  If you’re considering buying solar panels for your home, we’d like an opportunity to bid the project.  If you took a look at solar more than a year ago and didn’t go solar for one reason or another, a lot has changed in the solar industry and we’d like a chance to show you what we have to offer today, especially if we didn’t bid the project.


We know we’ll have to earn your business, and we’re up for the challenge.  As you’ll see further down the page, many of your neighbors have already placed their trust in us and their results have been positive.


In addition to the “$500 OFF” offer, we’re also going to donate $100 for every solar system we sell in your community to a local cause that directly affects the residents in your area.


We’re excited about the Community First Project, and we hope you’ll consider Longhorn Solar when/if you decide to take a look at going solar.

Our Teravista Customers

Located on Short Horn Cv

34 Panels, 8,500W

Lifetime Production: 60,658 kWh

Installed: Feb 2012

Located on Hawk Ridge St

19 Panels, 5,510W

Lifetime Production: 7,407 kWh

Installed: Jul 2017

Located on Grand Vista Cir

30 Panels, 7,500W

Lifetime Production: 51,297 kWh

Installed: May 2013

Located on Sansone Dr

32 Panels, 8,000W

Lifetime Production: 28,180 kWh

Installed: Mar 2016

Located on Woodvista Pl

28 Panels, 7,280W

Lifetime Production: 23,310 kWh

Installed: Jun 2016

Located on Colony Glen Ln

19 Panels, 5,415W

Lifetime Production: 14,255 kWh

Installed: Jul 2016

Located on Westmeadow Trl

49 Panels, 14,210W

Lifetime Production: 20,489 kWh

Installed: Aug 2017

Located on Wandering Vine Trl

36 Panels, 9,000W

Lifetime Production: 38,276 kWh

Installed: Sep 2015

Located on Colony Glen Ln

25 Panels, 7,125W

Lifetime Production: 22,730 kWh

Installed: May 2016

Located on Reston Cv

40 Panels, 10,000W

Lifetime Production: 68,471 kWh

Installed: Jun 2014

Located on Rabbit Creek Dr

23 Panels, 6,210W

Lifetime Production: 5,083 kWh

Installed: Jan 2018

Located on Miraval Loop

45 Panels, 12,600W

Lifetime Production: 68,600 kWh

Installed: Jan 2015

Located on Crestwood Ln

25 Panels, 6,250W

Lifetime Production: 54,203 kWh

Installed: May 2012

Located on Ridgebend Dr

46 Panels, 13,340W

Lifetime Production: 28,231 kWh

Installed: Mar 2017

Located on Greatview Dr

22 Panels, 5,500W

Lifetime Production: 34,728 kWh

Installed: Mar 2014

Located on Reston Cv

26 Panels, 6,500W

Lifetime Production: 24,630 kWh

Installed: Mar 2016

What Some of Our Customers are Saying

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