Texans, Go Solar Before Summer Hits!


Homeowners in Texas know how summer goes. As the weather heats up, you’ll spend more time out by the pool soaking up the sun, cooking burgers and hotdogs on the grill, and running barefoot on the lawn after lightning bugs. It’s a wonderful time of year—at least, right up until you get your first electric bill. With the temperature outside creeping up, you’re also turning up the A/C and spending more time inside using electronic devices, and that can be more than a little expensive.

It’s no coincidence that we get a lot of requests for solar during this time of year!

Late spring is the best time to go solar if you want to save big this summer. Here’s why:

Instant Savings

The moment your solar energy system is installed, you’ll start saving. The average residential electric bill for Texans in August 2018 was a whopping $142. Depending on the size of your home, your regular bills could be much higher. With solar, however, you could be looking at an energy bill that is much lower or negative, especially during these sunny summer months. With one up-front investment, or financing with low interest, no money down, you’ll offset most of your energy costs for decades to come.

Check Off Your Home Improvement Checklist

A lot of homeowners wait until the summertime to work on big home improvement projects, and we’re here to tell you that solar is the clear winner when it comes to home improvement investments. You’ll see a 100% return (or more) on your investment, and since we do all the work related to installation, you can sit back and relax. Most of our clients are surprised at how easy we make the whole process.  We handle all of the design, paperwork, permits, approvals, installation and inspections. All you have to do is give us a few signatures and then see the savings.

Quick Installation Service

Our busiest seasons are usually about when people start getting their first summer electric bills and thinking “YIKES”. Then, they call us, and start a conversation about getting those numbers down. If you wait until you get that first summertime bill, chances are you won’t be the first person to call us, and you’ll have to wait until our next free installation window. If you act now, you’ll stand a better chance of getting on the list before the summertime rush.

Save the Grid

With so many folks at home with their kids right now, there’s a lot of strain on the electric grid. By going solar, you’ll help to take some of the pressure off the already strained electric grid here in Texas. If enough homeowners choose solar now, we may be able to avoid the impending load issue that’s looming on the horizon this summer.

If you’re ready to kick back and enjoy your summer without ever having to worry about another sky-high electric bill again, we can help. At Longhorn Solar, we’re standing by to help you go solar as soon as you’re ready. Get your free quote today, and we’ll walk you through our risk-free, no-hassle process. Let’s talk solar!