Austin Energy’s Roadmap

Austin Energy’s Roadmap


If you have Austin Energy as your utility, check out their “Roadmap” that touches on their movement toward renewables like solar power and wind power- moving away from fossil fuels.

It’s nicely put together and we love Austin’s commitment to a sustainable future!

Austin Energy Roadmap

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Here’s the Table of Contents to whet your appetite:

  • Introduction
  • Generation Plan Charts Our Course
  • Citizens Lead The Way
  • An Attractive and Efficient Downtown
  • A Healthy Relationship With Energy
  • Serving the Needs of the Suburbs
  • Solar Program Grows the Clean Energy Industry
  • Riding a New Wave of Wind
  • Green Power Sales Trendsetter
  • Municipal Buildings Powered 100% Green
  • Turning Waste Into Energy
  • Managing Power Plant Needs
  • Energy Investments For Businesses
  • Helping Small Businesses Prosper
  • Businesses Lend a Hand
  • Our Customers Pitch In
  • Helping Residents Save
  • Rewarding Customers for Recycling
  • Green Building – An Austin Original
  • Apartment Energy Disclosures First In Nation
  • Energy Ratings Increase Value of Buildings
  • Audits Raise Awareness of Home Energy Use
  • Making “Zero Energy” Homes Possible
  • Promoting Energy Independence
  • Plugging Into the Future
  • Smart Charging Starts at Home
  • Shining a Light on Efficiency
  • Communicating With Smart Meters
  • A Self-Healing Smart Grid
  • A Neighborhood Model of Efficiency
  • The Road Ahead Paved With Opportunity