If you have Austin Energy as your utility, check out their “Austin Energy’s Roadmap” that touches on their movement toward renewables like solar power and wind power- moving away from fossil fuels.

It’s nicely put together and we love Austin’s commitment to a sustainable future!

Austin Energy Roadmap

Here’s the Table of Contents to whet your appetite:

  • Introduction
  • Generation Plan Charts Our Course
  • Citizens Lead The Way
  • An Attractive and Efficient Downtown
  • A Healthy Relationship With Energy
  • Serving the Needs of the Suburbs
  • Solar Program Grows the Clean Energy Industry
  • Riding a New Wave of Wind
  • Green Power Sales Trendsetter
  • Municipal Buildings Powered 100% Green
  • Turning Waste Into Energy
  • Managing Power Plant Needs
  • Energy Investments For Businesses
  • Helping Small Businesses Prosper
  • Businesses Lend a Hand
  • Our Customers Pitch In
  • Helping Residents Save
  • Rewarding Customers for Recycling
  • Green Building – An Austin Original
  • Apartment Energy Disclosures First In Nation
  • Energy Ratings Increase Value of Buildings
  • Audits Raise Awareness of Home Energy Use
  • Making “Zero Energy” Homes Possible
  • Promoting Energy Independence
  • Plugging Into the Future
  • Smart Charging Starts at Home
  • Shining a Light on Efficiency
  • Communicating With Smart Meters
  • A Self-Healing Smart Grid
  • A Neighborhood Model of Efficiency
  • The Road Ahead Paved With Opportunity