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Don’t Pay the Price for Hot Summer Temps


As the summer temperatures ramp up, Texas residents start to see their energy bill climb rapidly as well. A common question we get in the summer is, “How does solar save money on an electric bill?”  To answer this question we need to start with the basics and explain how a solar system works.   From Sunlight To Power First, the sun has to hit the solar panels. Next, the panels turn the sun into Direct Current (DC) electricity.  This electricity flows to an inverter which changes the electricity to Alternating Current (AC), which is what most things run on in your [...]

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The Zero-Energy Movement in Texas and Beyond


The zero-energy, or net-zero, project has been changing the way people build residential and commercial properties for years. Designers, developers, builders, and buyers have been collaborating on shifting the real estate market to buildings with zero energy consumption. Generally, zero-energy buildings (ZEB) rely on renewables as their primary energy source, paired with high-efficiency features like windows and insulation, to maximize their energy consumption.  Texas Zero-Energy Movement   Texas, a leading solar state, is no stranger to renewables. You may even remember in 2015 when Georgetown, Texas aimed to power itself with 100% renewables. Unfortunately, the small city’s ambitions were not totally realized. Nevertheless, the attempt [...]

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Charge Your EV with Longhorn & SolarEdge


Are you ready to start walking (and driving) on sunshine? Now is the time to ready for your first (or next) electric vehicle! Why? Global sales of EVs are projected to jump 36% and top 3 million vehicles for the first time ever this year. When you install solar panels with Longhorn, we can connect them to the SolarEdge Home Hub. This system powers your EV and your home, allowing you greater access, control, and efficiency over your off-grid solutions. Drive on Sunshine The Energy Hub inverter is preconfigured to easily connect to a Level 2 Smart EV Charger without the [...]

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Eight Ways to Save with Solar Energy


With all the hype around solar power reducing your energy bill, we wanted to highlight the other ways that you can save. Here’s a breakdown of all the possibilities for saving (and even earning) by making the switch. Save on your Electricity Bill This one is easy: Texas heat plus working and learning from home means doubled or tripled daily energy usage. This translates to an astronomical electric bill every month. Having your jaw hit the floor so often gets tiring. On average, Texans can save nearly $1,000 per year over a 20 year period. We have a great solar panel [...]

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What’s Your Carbon Footprint? It May Be Larger Than You Think!


Climate change can seem inevitable, especially with all the bad news out there—but that couldn’t be further from the truth. There’s a lot that we can do as individuals to make the world a better place, reduce waste, and ensure that we’ve minimized our own carbon footprint. How do we do that? The first step is to calculate your carbon footprint. Then, you can identify sources of CO2 emissions in your life, take steps to reduce that number, and even start offsetting. Here are a few unexpected sources of CO2 emissions that contribute to your carbon footprint… And what you can [...]

What’s Your Carbon Footprint? It May Be Larger Than You Think!2024-03-07T22:27:46+00:00

Austin Energy’s Roadmap


If you have Austin Energy as your utility, check out their "Austin Energy's Roadmap" that touches on their movement toward renewables like solar power and wind power- moving away from fossil fuels. It's nicely put together and we love Austin's commitment to a sustainable future! Here's the Table of Contents to whet your appetite: Introduction Generation Plan Charts Our Course Citizens Lead The Way An Attractive and Efficient Downtown A Healthy Relationship With Energy Serving the Needs of the Suburbs Solar Program Grows the Clean Energy Industry Riding a New Wave of Wind Green Power Sales Trendsetter Municipal Buildings Powered 100% [...]

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