Are you ready to start walking (and driving) on sunshine? Now is the time to ready for your first (or next) electric vehicle!

Why? Global sales of EVs are projected to jump 36% and top 3 million vehicles for the first time ever this year.

When you install solar panels with Longhorn, we can connect them to the SolarEdge Home Hub. This system powers your EV and your home, allowing you greater access, control, and efficiency over your off-grid solutions.

Drive on Sunshine

The Energy Hub inverter is preconfigured to easily connect to a Level 2 Smart EV Charger without the need for additional components, so homeowners can charge faster and save more. Features include:

  • Charging up to 100% sunshine vs grid-only
  • Charging faster than standard Level 2 with solar boost mode
  • Adding an EV with solar saves homeowners money, time, and hassle with reduced need for electrical upgrades later
  • Industry-leading warranty of 5 years vs 2-4 (industry standard)
  • Full visibility and control of EV charging and all smart energy in one app


The SolarEdge Home Hub is future-ready, enabling an ever-growing range of products to be added on to meet evolving household needs.

When the Lights Go Out, You Stay Powered

When a thunderstorm hits and the grid goes down, your lights stay on. When the battery and backup interface is connected to an Energy Hub inverter, the system provides power to your whole home during outages and peak utility times for maximum solar use, self-consumption, and savings.

  • Built-in meters are covered under an industry-leading 12-year inverter warranty and extendable to 20-25 years
  • Simpler installation process while avoiding main panel upgrades, generation panels, and utility delays


More Power = More Savings

With up to 200% oversizing, the Energy Hub DC-coupled solution can generate and store more energy than AC-coupled solutions. This allows for larger systems and more power. The energy that would normally be lost in AC-coupled solutions can now be stored in a battery and used by the homeowner. This system is generator compatible, with power stack batteries for increased production and storage to keep your entire home covered.

Smart Energy Add-ons

The SolarEdge Home Hub inverter with Prism technology is future-ready to help homeowners connect to a growing range of add-on products, such as Smart Energy Hot Water, smart sockets, switches, relays, and more.

Get a quote today to get your solar panels ready to charge your electric vehicle and your home!